Course Reviews

Gunfight Carbine (One Day)

"Kris teaches a great class.  His insistence on safe practice carries over into learning to do things right and why it's the right way.  He demonstrates flawlessly thereby  painting on your brain the proper performance and then he attends to each student to make sure they, too , can do it right.  He could probably teach 10 hour days for weeks before he ran out of stuff yet he took the basics as seriously as we students do since these are the fundamentals which support more advanced training.  He is patient, treats everyone as equals and has a keen eye for what is happening in the learner.  Well worth the money."


Secure Comms Class  19 May 2013

"Kris provides the practical knowledge needed to truly have secure data communications. He brings to bare an awareness of your own personal risk communicating across the Internet and then delivers the instruction, tools, and process to significantly reduce your vulnerability. When class was finished, I had a hands-on understanding of LINUX, TOR, VPN, Tails, PGP, and creating a password template. Great class, I only wish there was more time to pick Kris’s brain."


"I wasn't sure where to start on this review. The volume of information you packed into the course was enormous. I had no idea our information was so unsecure! It boggles my mind that all these years I've been just leisurely swimming through a shark infested pool and didn't know it!
Oh sure, I thought my antivirus and malware was all I needed, but you showed me other wise! Now I know how to avoid being a victim, and maintain my privacy.
 It boils my blood that people like Google and Bing take advantage of us on that large of a scale! Thanks for showing me the alternatives of how to operate securely and privately, and still maintain an excellent level of convenience!
Today I operate my computers differently and with my eyes wide open thanks to your class!

To whomever is reading this review, I hope your planning on taking this course. It's the only computer course I've ever seen that offers this information to us. The Government isn't going to and private empires like Google and Bing certainly don't want you to know what is being taught in this course! Do yourself a favor, save time, money and your privacy! Take this course!

Thank you Kris, I will be at the next course, you can count on it!"


Gunfight Carbine (One Day)  18 May 2013

"I wanted to thank you for the course last weekend. Your ability to train top level Operators and day one beginners side by side never ceases to amaze me! I know that I was challenged, informed, and educated in a short period of time. The techniques on clearing malfunctions will never leave me. I've never seen some of the malfunctions you showed us how to clear, and I would consider myself an average/moderately experienced shooter with the AR platform.
What I took from your course was the foundation I need to build on to successfully employ this platform effectively and accurately as a new and intermediate user. If only I would have had this base years ago, I'd be a far more proficient shooter!
The information you shared on equipment and how it effects performance was eye opening! I don't think a single person left the training area without making the decision to purchase better equipment! I know I didn't! Those kinds of critiques and advice can only come from years of experience like yours.

Thank you Kris, I have no doubt that I'll be at your next class. 

Safe travels,"

-Dan White

"Having taken Kris’s class almost a year ago I was hesitant about spending the money again because I thought it would be the same class.

But leave it up to Kris, there was quite a bit of new stuff and things I may have missed the first time because I came out of there with even more confidence and skills than I arrived with. 

He always brings good props to make the courses fun and challenging.

Money permitting I will be at every class he offers as he is an awesome instructor and has the patience of a Saint."

- R

" I wanted to write you a quick note about the carbine class last Saturday taught by Kris .  As you know, I'm an old guy at age 58 and I have had a hip replacement.  And I came in knowing next to nothing about the use of an AR-15.  So there were some things I simply couldn't do but Kris was outstanding at working with me (and all the others) at my own level and taking me from being a rank amateur with that weapons system to feeling absolutely comfortable with its function and with dealing with all the basic malfunctions.  He is extremely knowledgeable and is obviously a born teacher.  I can't believe how much I picked up from him in one long day together.  Well worth the time and money."


  "Kris is hands-down the best weapons and tactics instructor I have ever worked with. He has the ability to work with students of diverse backgrounds and levels of experience in a manner that no one gets "left behind" while constantly challenging more-experienced students. I would recommend Kris without hesitation for any corporate, agency, or personal protection training needs; to include program and instructor cadre development." August 31, 2011
Capt. Christopher Kent, Infantry, US Army

Gunfight Concepts Pistol Review, 8 OCT 2011

"Recently my wife and I took the Pistol Combat Concepts class and it was excellent.  Education included awareness, gun handling skills, shooting skills, communication, movement and most importantly to us was shooting under stress. The "bag drill" is permanently etched in my memory!  As civilians we really appreciated how Kris kept the class real for us without too much focus on military or LE mindset.  Kris kept us safe, focused and challenged though out the day.  It will take weeks or more to assimilate all we learned in just one day, even with all the notes we took.   We are looking forward to the carbine class next!"
Bruce & Lorni
   (re-posted with permission of student)

Gunfight Concepts Carbine Review, 15-16 OCT 2011

Overview: The course of instruction covered two days. Instruction covered weapons handling skills, primary and support hand shooting, immediate and remedial action (primary and support hand), shooting positions, nine hole barricade, transition from primary weapon to secondary and tactical movement. My entire family having taken Kris’s basic pistol course we were extremely excited to learn that we was mounting a carbine course in the valley and we readily made plans to attend.

Three Sustains (sorry, Kris but you must realize that I am institutionalized. You wanted an AAR, you’re getting one.)

  1. You may well be the most gifted instructor I ever saw and I say that as a career grunt with 21 years in the Army. There are two reasons for this. The first is that too often the instructor’s ego gets in the way. There are the “I’m an operator and you’re not” types that insist that what you know is crap and that their way is the only way of executing a specific task. These are usually the same guys (I’m thinking of a combatives instructor I met at Camp Rilea a couple of years ago) who’ve not deployed and don’t realize that you’ve shot at smarter people than them. They are, in short, not there because of the student; they’re there because it makes them feel superior about themselves. You, on the other hand, would give the same level of attentive patience to the housewife who’s never shot a weapon before in her life as you would a CAG operator who showed up to one of your courses for some refresher training. The operative word there is patience. I really, really appreciate the amount of time you spent working with my wife and so does she. As far as myself, I realize that the teacher/student relationship is one of subordinate and superior and you are one of the very few people I feel completely comfortable taking instruction from. And of course the career path you’ve chosen over the last couple of years gives me complete confidence that what you’re teaching are the most up to date techniques, ones that have a practical application and are proofed on the battlefield.
  2. All your courses have a holistic approach. What I’m talking about is how you continually stress being situationally aware. It’s not just about the shooting. You incorporate situational awareness into every aspect of all your courses and I could not agree with you more completely as to its importance. It’s easy when you are as perennially paranoid as we are on a continual basis, but for Trudy and Devon it’s an introduction in how one should behave beyond the bounds of the family plantation. The point was driven home to me the second week were patrolling in Iraq; you simply can’t operate at red all the time. This means that everyone in the patrol has to be situationally aware or in other words “Be polite, be professional, be ready to kill everyone you meet.”
  3. Your courses are physical. Ground combat is not a static sport. There is running, ducking, hiding, leaping, zigging, zagging, etc. Your courses always reflect that and as you said during this last class one of the consequences of all that moving is that it helps your proof your kit. The downside is that my family has decided that all their kit, besides their weapons, are shite and have developed the most extensive Xmas lists. The other thing is that you find yourself often having to shoot out of breath, anxious and not a little scared (that freaking hood/box drill) which is exactly what happens in combat as well. Damn good training, that.

Three Improves

  1. Give a time limit to your breaks. Tell the students to take ten or fifteen or thirty for lunch and stick to it. Your classes are fluid, they reflect how you continually asses how everyone is doing and what you should stress and what you can briefly hit upon and that is the mark of a superior instructor. No one likes the guys who teaches to the POI and won’t deviate from it at all. But you are in charge of the class and a little more time discipline would reinforce that and keep it moving along.
  2. I loved the drills. That’s the way I learn. Can’t do enough of them. If you’ve got to carve out some time to set up the next evolution, a technique might be to put one of the students in charge of running the last drill to burn it into everyone’s medulla oblongata. Just a thought.
  3. This isn’t really an improve, but while I’m being the Good Idea Fairy, Trudy and I were talking about how we’d be happy to give you money to run some sort of sustainment class for both the pistol and carbine. You’re right. A lot of these drills can be done in the living room. But there is no substitute for putting bullets down range under the watchful eye of someone who can tell you where you’re screwing it up.


I take my second amendment rights very seriously. I have had a concealed carry permit for years. But while I consider it my right to bear arms, I consider it my duty to do it responsibly. Carrying responsibly means that I can use my weapons in a way that will cause the most harm to the threat without causing any to the innocent. Your courses enable me to do that. I have yet to complete one of your courses without feeling that my skills have grown exponentially and that, for my money, is what it’s all about. Thanks for everything and I can’t wait until the next time.  

(Review courtesy of Pete S.)

Gunfight Concepts Carbine Review

The training was Awesome! This IS the most complete firearms training course that I have ever been through.

Personally/Professionally speaking, if you want to move far beyond the “mundane firearms training course”, then CSG is capable of taking you to a level only seen in S.W.A.T. and other Professional services at the Highest Level of Combat Arms proficiency; weapons jams, weapons control, shoot and move, ambidextrous shooting, multiple shooting positions, rifle and pistol transitioning drills, communication skills, fight awareness, fine motor and travelling skills.  The Hole Enchilada, A-Z!

Kris is an excellent Instructor and I give him Top Marks for his Expert Level honed skills, attention to detail and the flexibility to teach even novice shooters.  Absolutely Impressive!
Jess Hanson, Expert Wilderness Survival Instructor.

Gunfight Concepts Carbine Review

Once again you have enlightened me as to the importance of learning, practicing, & opening my eyes to the gear options out there. I will be up grading at least 1/2 of it.
I learned a lot of techniques & proper posture to improve my success, your class was priceless, look forward to another.
Thank you, Michael G.